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April 16, 2004

Gmail Ad Nauseum II: Those Wacky AdSense Ads

Posted 6 years, 6 months ago on April 16, 2004 As I've mentioned elsewhere, Google's Gmail's "sophisticated spam filtering technology" isn't. And I'm beginning to wonder
about their AdSense technology as well.

So far Gmail is (not) batting 1000 - all spam has ended up in my inbox, and the only two pieces of email which
have ended up in my spam folder were very much not spam.

However, one cannot discount the amusement (or should that be "bemusement"?) factor. Tonight I received the following
spam (quoted in its entirety):

"mortal bias swanlike talkie virginal animosity biggs midpoint aldebaran tantalum stupefaction brandt poke solvent cogent
glutamic chalcedony fletcher ms threw cardamom mcintosh vito danzig prerequisite doubtful giggle grade rho anise clarinet
belch mort aware deem around polygynous terrapin butterfield menlo


Just thought that you might want to now that it is finally here.

crusoe nighttime plug batten textual hardhat charta turing allan longish sonogram bambi cloak centrist

assort definition alliterate bebop met refugee amy astronaut desegregate abbot automat successor inventor harrison
introspect immaterial miranda capillary quonset aghast extent insofar schnapps blare"


That is the entire spam (wasn't that a thrilling read?)

The good folks at AdSense Central proffered only one "targetted" ad in this email. The ad?:

"Rare Lost Seabiscuit Film
Documentary of Seabiscuit made in 1939 by Charles Howard. Now on DVD!"

Hey, don't ask me, I don't write 'em, I just report 'em. Can you make sense of that pairing?

On a far more insidious level, most of the spam I've received in Gmail has displayed AdSense ads for anti-spam products.
Doesn't that make one wonder whether there is any real incentive for them to keep your spam away from you?
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