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May 17, 2004

Mind Gold: We Create Spam for Send Spam for Pay Us...Argh! I'm So Confused!

Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago on May 17, 2004
From the "what a novel approach to spamming" department, H & H Enterprises of Foxworth, Mississippi is offering "Mind Gold" to "help businesses attract new prospects and gain the loyalty of existing customers".

The gist of the Mind Gold program is that you subscribe to the Mind Gold e-zine, for a fee, and then every week you get a copy of the Mind Gold e-zine, already pre-branded with your name and contact information, and including any advertising which you care to wrap around it, and then send that personalized issue of Mind Gold out to your

According to H&H;, the recipients won't mind receiving this unique version of spam, because "E-zines are the ideal way to use the Internet to attract new customers, and to stay in touch with existing customers, wrapping commercial messages around useful, compelling content that the consumer welcomes and wants to read."

H&H; goes on to explain that subscriptions "include a free signup webpage, where people can subscribe to receive the free E-zine. Companies simply send their customers to the signup Webpage and, when they sign up, send the E-zine they receive each week to their own growing list of subscribers. The content is focused on interviews with leading individuals in business, motivation, and life in general, so the E-zine appeals to literally anyone and any business."

Read as: the Mind Gold Pyramid.

This information, by the way, all comes directly from the H&Horse;'s mouth, from their own press release, ironically titled:

" New E-zine Service Solves "SPAM" Problem For Any Business Using E-mail Marketing"

Apparently the spam problem they are solving is that not enough of it is getting sent.

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