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May 26, 2004

A Gaggle of Google Giggles (Gmail)

Posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago on May 26, 2004
As many of you know, Aunty was one of the people blessed with a Gmail account early on (relatedly, she was also 'blessed' with everybody and their brother coming out of the woodwork asking her to please get them a Gmail account, too).

After the initial testing, which you can read about in the archives, Aunty left the account alone for a while, and this week logged in to find:

38 new pieces of email in the inbox
74 new pieces of spam in the spambox

So Aunty's Gmail account received 112 pieces of email, of which 103 were spam.

Of those 103 pieces of of spam, 74 - not even seventy-five percent - of them were tagged as spam and went into the spambox. Hoo-blanking-rah.
Aunty's Spam Assassin on Aunty's home server does better than that.

That means that 29 pieces of spam - more than 25% - ended up in Aunty's inbox.

And this was, as before, no borderline spam. Oh no. Of the 29 pieces of spam:

9 of them were from the desk of someone in Nigeria.
6 of them were CONGRATULATING me on the fact that I'VE WON!
3 of them were in some sort of Asian characters.
All of them Aunty's inbox.

Oh, and of the nine pieces of legitimate email in Aunty's inbox? Eight of them were from complete guessed it..begging a Gmail account.

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