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June 15, 2004

FTC Says "No" to Do Not Email List, "Yes" to Sender Authentication

Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago on June 15, 2004
The FTC today has announced to Congress and the country that it does not believe that a national "Do Not Email" ("DNE") list is viable until such time as "a robust email authentication system that would prevent spammers from hiding their tracks" is in place.

In other words, email sender authentication.

In this the FTC is right on.

However, they also announced that, to that end, they would be holding an "authentication summit" to look at the issues in the Fall of 2004.

Whoa, Nelly.

Does the FTC really not realize that authentication is happening right now? Are they not aware that everyone has pretty much already agreed on two email authentication systems - the blended SPF and Microsoft Sender I.D. system being called, for the non, "SPF Sender I.D.", and Yahoo Domain Keys? [There could have been more contenders, but pretty much all other viable systems became moribund during a paralysis by analysis lovefest.]

In fact, ISIPP's Sender Accreditation Database (IADB) has included authentication status of senders since the beginning of this year! (For more on IADB, which is free to email receivers, see

But that's ok, if you feel that an authentication summit in the fall is going to be a bit behind the curve, perhaps you'd prefer their summer offering: "Should homeowners install flush toilets?"

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Re: FTC Says

Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago by Spider • @ • • Reply

Does anyone know if AMTP is heading in the right direction? I've read about it here: and understand it to be in the process of becoming an official RFC. Isn't this also a type of sender authentication? I am convinced that junk mail will never go away, but clear tracking of the sender will certainly keep it under control. Bring it on!!! Spider

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