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July 8, 2004

Play Along with Aunty!

Posted 1 week, 3 days ago on July 8, 2004
Ok, boys and girls, Aunty's got a brand new bag: it's Play Along with Aunty!

If you were the King Emperor of the Universe, what punishment would you exact on anyone caught spamming in your kingdom?

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Re: Play Along with Aunty!

Posted 1 week, 3 days ago by Ming the Merciless • • • Reply

Oh, this'll be fun.... 1) Lower the spammer into a vat of acid...a quarter of an inch at a time 2) A year in the Agonizer Booth (yeah, its a _Star_Trek_ reference, but I'm "King Emperor of the Universe", I can have anything I want) for EACH spam sent 3) If male, they undergo forcible sexual re-assignment surgery and then are deported to the most backward Mid-East nation (females are just deported there straightaway) 4) If they are hawking pills or supplements of any sort, they are forcefed their entire inventory 5) Tax audits. LOTS of tax audits. 6) Deliver them to Cthulhu. 7) Use the Atavachron (another _Star_Trek_ reference) to send them to an ice age on a barely-inhabitable planet. 8) Have a Psi Cop (a _Babylon_5_ reference) implant an irrestiable compulsion that causes them to punch themselves in the fave whenever they get anywhere near a computer.

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