Neverland of Sorts – Spam Folder

Today everyone has an email inbox, possible two or three even. Naturally, following your inbox may sometimes become a pain in the butt. Not only you get a bunch of unwanted emails into your inbox, but you also sometimes get the emails you want into your spam folder. Sure, the emails from your address book should never end up in your spam folder and different email providers handle your emails differently but can you honestly say that you take a peak at your spam folder often enough to be 100% sure you didn’t lose any of the important emails? For example, one time I got a payment notice from Hostgator into my spam folder. Of course, I missed it and for several hours got my website blocked. Usually, the spam folder is the one we try to avoid which sometimes leads us to lose on important messages. The other time I registered at an online gaming site. I know that online gaming is exactly the kind of emails that get lost in spam the most but I found review  in a reputable site I kind of hoped that it would mean email providers would have them in their safe list. Anyway, I forgot that there was supposed to come a confirmation email for me and eventually I lost an opportunity for a special bonus. Luckily, their support team was kind enough to offer me another one.

But that’s not the point. The point is that spam folder is in some magical world, like Neverland of sorts. So, find out whether your inbox automatically deletes emails in your spam folder and how often it does. Simply make sue to try and check your spam folder occasionally for emails that you probably would not want to get deleted.