New Sasser Virus Worm Attacks Windows Computers

The newest of the sinsister worm types of viruses, Sasser, has attacked Windows-based computers around the world.

Even more insidious than its earlier siblings, Sasser scans the Internet for computers with the Microsoft security flaw which allows it to do its dirty work, and then Sasser installs a copy of itself there. And Sasser does not need the user to activate it by opening an email attachment, running a program, or anything else like that. It arrives and runs all by itself!

Microsoft announced the security hole in the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service, and an update, last month, but many computers still have not been upgraded.

Users can get more information about the Microsoft security hole and fix at:

Just one more reason why Aunty is happy to be using only OSX and other flavours of *nix and BSD.

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